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Eagle Pride Award

Selected by the members of the Eagle teams as the embodiment of what makes it special to be a baseball player at Akins High School. The 2014 Eagle Pride Award goes to Christian Martinez.

Past Winners
2013 George Palacios
2012 R.C. Medrano
2011 Justin Pecchia
2010 Michael Mancilla
2009 J.T. Garcia
2008 Michael Arriaga


Christian Martinez

2007 Ben Kwiatkowski
2006 Matt Cavazos
2005 Matt Hohertz
2004 Marcus Flores
2003 Clint McFerrin
2002 Jonathan Ramos


Michael Garcia

Austin McNicholas

Past Winners
2013 2ND TEAM Jonathan Candelas,
       Austin McNicholas
2010 2ND TEAM Corey Pinson,
       Lorenzo Mendoza,
       Chris Cullen


All District

Coaches from the seven teams in District 15-5A vote each year on this honor. For their 2014 season performances, Michael Garcia (pitcher) and Austin McNicholas (shortstop) were selected to the 2nd Team.

2008 1ST TEAM Brandon Rivera,
       Randy Berg, Tyler Pinson
2ND TEAM   Kyle Smith
2007 1ST TEAM   Brandon Rivera
2ND TEAM   Randy Berg
2006 Jacob Saldaña
2005 Airrik Martinez

Defensive Player of the Year

Selected by the members of the Eagle baseball teams, the winner for 2014 is Rene Castro. The Eagles’ number 1 starter at 2nd base this season, Rene moved easily to shortstop when required to do so. His defensive play improved as the season progressed. During the entirety of District competition he committed just two charged errors.

Rene Castro

Adam Gutierrez

Offensive Player of the Year

Adam Gutierrez was a subvarsity offensive standout before being moved to the Eagles Varsity halfway through the season’s District competition. Adam’s .412 batting average topped the stats for the 2014 Varsity Eagles.


Past Winners
2013 Jonathan Candelas
2012 Paul Castro
2011 Paul Castro
2010 Jeremy Rubio
2009 Julian Gonzales
2008 Randy Berg

2007 Randy Berg
2006 Jacob Saldaña
2005 Jason Rangel
2004 Emmanuel Hernandez
2003 James Mudrak
2002 Philip Canty

Tournament Awards

Past Winners
2013 Rene Castro
2012 Daniel Lopez
2011 Roger Herrera
2010 Chris Cullen
2009 Corey Pinson
2008 Kyle Smith

2007 Ulises Castillo
2006 Randy Berg
2005 Charles Morton
2004 Airrik Martinez
2003 Marcus Flores
2002 James Mudrak

San Antonio ISD Tournament

Austin ISD Tournament



Varsity Eagles won the consolation bracket in the 2014 SAISD Tourney.


No Eagle was named as an AISD All-Tournament selection for the 2014 tourney.

Past Winners
2013 none
2012 none
2011 Blake Hoffman / Robert Franco

Most Valuable Player
   - JV Navy

The Most Valuable Player for the 2014 Akins Eagles Junior Varsity Navy team is Rene Franco. An important pitcher for the JV Navy, Rene completed the season with a team-leading .343 batting average.

Rene Franco

Alejandro Martinez

Nate Flores

Most Valuable Player
   - JV Gold

Sharing the Most Valuable Player award for the 2014 Akins Eagles Junior Varsity Gold team are Alejandro Martinez and Nate Flores.

Past Winners
2013 Michael Garcia
2012 Jonathan Candelas
2011 Rene Castro
2010 Tim Jackson

2009 Roger Herrera
2008 Corey Pinson
2007 Jorge Mendoza

2004 Brandon Stewart

Past Winners
2013 Niko Olvera / Adam Ivey
2012 Michael Garcia
2011 Ryan Gomez
2010 David Garza

2009 Paul Castro
2008 Jeremy Mendez
2007 Jesse Barba

2004 Chris Small


Most Improved Player

Selected by the members of the Eagle squads. The 2014 choice is Michael Garcia.

Michael Garcia

Past Winners
2013 Andreas Duran
2012 Billy Ferren
2011 Robert Franco
2010 Freddy Zamora / Frank Gutierrez
2009 Martin Martinez
2008 Bryant Alvarez
2007 Matt Diaz
2006 Daniel Guerra / Brandon Stewart
2005 Chris Thompson
2004 Justin Jimenez
2003 Nick Larocque
2002 Luis Garcia


Rene Castro

Most Valuable Player
   - Varsity

The Most Valuable Player for the 2014 Akins Eagles Varsity team is Rene Castro. Combining ability and a passion for the game, Rene sparked the Eagles with his intensity and performance. Although his numbers were plenty impressive, Rene did not always lead from the top of the stat sheet. He led from the heart of the team.

Past Winners
2013 Austin McNicholas
2012 Tim Jackson
2011 Roger Herrera
2010 Jeremy Rubio
2009 Jeremy Rubio
2008 Tyler Pinson

2007 Brandon Rivera
2006 Daniel Fabian / Martin Salinas
2005 Airrik Martinez
2004 Charles Morton
2003 Jason Rangel
2002 Frank Johnson


Academic All District

Awarded to players who maintain a 90% average or above in the classroom. Eagle players Jason Porter and Austin McNicholas are recognized for their 2014 academic performances.

Jason Porter

Austin McNicholas

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Outstanding Service Awards

Past Winners
2006 Mike Smith
         Melissa Cavazos
2005 Robert Rangel
         Craig Hohertz
         Laurie Hohertz
         Cheryl Martinez
         Christine Morton

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