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All District
Most Improved Player
Eagle Pride Award
Defensive Player
Offensive Player
Most Valuable Player

Outstanding Service Awards
Class of 2006


All District

Coaches from the eight teams in District 16-5A vote each year on this honor. Eagle outfielder/shortstop Jacob Saldaña was selected for the second team of the 2006 All District squad.

Past Winner
2005 Airrik Martinez


Most Improved Player(s)

Of all the players on all the Eagle squads, Daniel Guerra and Brandon Stewart impressed their fellow Eagles most with their improved skills during the 2006 season.

Past Winners
2005 Chris Thompson
2004 Justin Jimenez
2003 Nick Larocque
2002 Luis Garcia


Offensive Player of the Year

Randy Berg’s .347  overall batting average led the 2006 Eagle Varsity.

Past Winners
2005 Charles Morton
2004 Airrik Martinez
2003 Marcus Flores
2002 James Mudrak

Jacob Saldaña

Daniel Guerra

Brandon Stewart

Randy Berg

Matt Cavazos


Jacob Saldaña


Eagle Pride Award

Matt Cavazos was chosen by the members of the Eagle teams as the embodiment of what makes it special to be a baseball player at Akins High School.

Past Winners
2005 Matt Hohertz
2004 Marcus Flores
2003 Clint McFerrin
2002 Jonathan Ramos

Defensive Player of the Year

Jacob Saldaña played infield and outfield during the 2006 season. His quickness and agility served him well at shortstop and in center field and earned him the vote of his teammates as Defensive Player of 2006.

Past Winners
2005 Jason Rangel
2004 Emmanuel Hernandez
2003 James Mudrak
2002 Philip Canty

Most Valuable Player(s)

Daniel Fabian anchored the Eagle Varsity’s infield from his position at 3rd base. He fininished the season with a .323 batting average. Martin Salinas was a 4-game winner on the mound for the Eagles, recording 41 strikeouts and finishing with an ERA of 4.23.

Daniel Fabian

Past Winners
2005 Airrik Martinez
2004 Charles Morton
2003 Jason Rangel
2002 Frank Johnson

Martin Salinas

2006 EAGLE AWARD WINNERS at the Booster Club Baseball Banquet on May 6, 2006.

(LEFT TO RIGHT) Eagle Head Coach Steve Velasquez, Matt Cavazos, Jacob Saldaña, Randy Berg, Daniel Guerra, Brandon Stewart, Daniel Fabian, Martin Salinas.


Outstanding Service Awards

Two Eagle parents were selected to receive special recognition for outstanding service in 2006. The honorees were: Mike Smith and Melissa Cavazos. Each was presented with a golden eagle (right) as a token of appreciation.


2006 Award recipient Melissa Cavazos.


Mike Smith accepts his 2006 award from Booster Club VP Danny Stewart.

Past Winners
2005 Robert Rangel
         Craig Hohertz
         Laurie Hohertz
         Cheryl Martinez
         Christine Morton


Bob and Christine Morton were each acknowledged with a special gift. Bob is the Webmaster of akinsbaseball.org and Christine prepared videos of selected Varsity games during the 2006 season for diagnostic use by the coaching staff.

[ On behalf of himself and his spouse, the Webmaster says, “Thank you very much for the thoughtful gifts! ]

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